The University of Iowa is committed to addressing sexual misconduct, dating violence, and stalking.

There is absolutely no place for these actions on our campus - and we have a committed team working collaboratively to prevent violence, provide support to survivors, and hold offenders accountable.

In fall 2015, the University of Iowa conducted the Speak Out Iowa campus climate survey as part of a comprehensive strategy to respond to sexual misconduct, dating violence, and stalking on our campus. Our survey committee chose the ARC3 (Administrator-Researcher Campus Climate Collaborative) instrument, the most comprehensive survey available, based on a set of eight guiding principles that align with our institutional values of inclusiveness, mutual respect, and collaboration. We would like to thank the students who took the time to complete the survey.

Achieving the goals set forth in President Mason's Six Point Plan was an important step forward, but we are committed to continuing the momentum. Survey data have been used to inform a new two-year campus plan developed by the Anti-Violence Coalition, and we're tailoring our efforts to address specific campus needs rather than using a one-size fits all approach.

Sharing these results is an opportunity to engage the entire campus community in the conversation about this important issue and we're committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Improving the campus climate will require sustained community-wide effort.

Please join us as we address these difficult challenges together.

Bruce Harreld

Tom Rocklin
Vice President for Student Life

Georgina Dodge
Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President

Monique DiCarlo
UI Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Chair of the Anti-Violence Coalition 

Speak Out Iowa key findings

In fall 2015, the University of Iowa (UI) administered a newly developed campus climate survey, the Administrator-Researcher Campus Climate Collaborative (ARC3) survey to all degree-seeking students. Read more...

Speak Out Iowa full report

Assessing perceptions and reports of sexual misconduct is an important and necessary undertaking to inform the University’s ongoing efforts to understand the extent of sexual misconduct on campus, improve prevention efforts, and effectively respond when students report sexual misconduct. Read the full report...

UI Anti-Violence Plan

The University of Iowa has a committed team working collaboratively to prevent sexual misconduct, dating violence, and stalking; provide support to survivors; and hold offenders accountable. Read more...